Add-ons and Sensors


18 RGB LED Block

This RGB LED block contains 18 RGB LEDs (that means 54 LEDs in total), and plugs directly into the EZ-B v4/2 Wi-Fi Robot Controller.

Each LED's color and brightness can be adjusted individually with transition fading in animations! This module is controlled from the ez-builder RGB Animator, which allows you to create unlimited animations. This module contains the same electronics as the Humanoid Head with Camera & RGB Eyes.

There are 8 female Clip'n'Play connectors on this block, so it can be expanded and used with other ez-bits.



The peg can be used for many creative uses, such as a hexapod foot. It attaches to the female Clip'n'Play connector of a servo. Use this foot on your hexapod, or be creative and use it as a tail, like in the Scorpion 11 Servo-motor Bundle.


Continuous Rotation Servo

Continuous rotation servos will give your robot mobility by rotating 360 degrees. These servos are also called "modified servos", because they will rotate continuously in a circle, making them perfect for attaching wheels. Wheels are not included with this servo, however check out Continuous Rotation Servo with Wheel for servos with wheels - or the Servo Wheel (2 Pack).


Heavy Duty Servo

This is a digital heavy duty servo which can lift 15 kg/cm! The metal internal gears can withstand a high load. Designed specifically for the ez-bv4, this servo is happy to accept 7.4v LiPo battery power.


Extension Cable

Use this cable if your servo needs an extension to reach the ez-bv4.


Micro Servo

This is a very strong and small metal geared servo. It has impressive strength and small size. Perfect for small robots or tight areas which require a strong small servo.


2.5 Amp DC Dual Motor Controller

This 2.5 Amp DC Dual Motor Controller is great for driving a set of small and medium sized DC motors. This is more than enough juice for Omnibots and similar sized robots. The PWM ports also allow speed control! Includes cables for easy connection.


Jumper Cable Kit

This kit is essential for experimenting with ez-bv4 add-ons, such as motor controllers and sensors. It complements the Extension Cable by providing male to male , female to female and female to male connections. That means this jumper cable pack has all your connection requirements covered!


Servo Wheel (2 Pack)

Looking for a quick and easy way to attach a wheel to a servo for a wheeled robot? Here's the answer! This custom-molded wheel is designed to fit to servo hubs, and give solid traction to your robot.

These injection-molded ABS wheels fit Continuous Rotation Servo, and give solid traction to your robot.

The hub dimension is 69mm (just under 2-5/8"), by 7.62mm wide (0.3").

*Note: Servo not included


EZ-B v4 I2C Peripheral Cable (25cm)

This cable is designed to connect the ez-bv4 to I2C peripherals, such as the RGB LED Array. It can be cut in half and used to interface 2 x I2C sensors to the ez-bv4.