Add-ons and Sensors


EZ-B v4 Camera Cable (25cm)

This is a replacement cable that fits between your ez-bv4 and the ezrobot camera.



This i2c connected PCB has 18 RGB's (9 per side) and connects directly to the EZ-B v4 with the included cable. Easily create RGB animations and mount this display on your custom robot for unique personalities and expressions.


EZ-B v4 Camera Cable (60cm)

Designed to extend the standard EZ-Robot Camera cable by 60cm!


4 in 1 Orientation Sensor

Accelerometer, gyro, compass and temperature sensor all in one! This sensor uses the powerful MPU9150 chipset. The shape was designed to be clip'n'play and connect directly to your robot as an EZ-Bit. The i2c cable plugs directly to the EZ-B v4. Now your robot knows up from down, hot from cold and north from south!

The manual page for this sensor can be found HERE


Hexapod 2 Servo-motor Leg

Give your ezrobot more movement options by adding legs! This leg uses our powerful metal gear servos. It includes 2 Heavy Duty Clip'n'Play servos, and a spike foot. The Clip'n'Play connectors allow you to disassemble them to use the parts individually.