Are Service Robots Useful in Education?

Are Service Robots Useful in Education?

Sanbot Classroom


Service robots such as Sanbot ELF can be very useful in schools. Not to replace teachers, but to assist them.

With their facial recognition they are capable of assisting in roll calls. Or communicating directly to certain students as needed.

With their gesture recognition able to recognize when a student has their hand raised for example.

Sanbot is able to tell stories and play games.

With its built in projector Sanbot is capable of showing lesson plans, videos, presentations, and diagrams. All while teaching about what is being projected.

Sanbot Projection

These are some of the functions that could assist teachers and free up a little time for teachers to focus on some other tasks such as grading papers or preparing for the next lesson plan.

We all know teachers have a lot to do in their time, at school and at home, to be prepared to teach our children each day.  Any assistance that can be gained through the use and advancement of robotics would be a benefit to them, as well as our children.

Teachers on occasion have to step out of the classroom. In these moments, teachers are able to use their smartphones or tablets to keep an eye on the class as well through the eyes of Sanbot. Also, being able to communicate to the class through Sanbot remotely.

Multiple Sanbots are able to communicate with each other and work as hall monitors and escort children and adult visitors alike around the school.