The Future with Robotics

The Future with Robotics



Beep Beep. Exterminate! Destroy! Beep Beep.

That seems to be what many people expect if you view responses to social media posts regarding new robotic products coming out.

Many responses are quite humorous but it does seem there are people that truly fear the idea of a future with more advanced robots.


Why do we need advanced robots to replace or assist people? We have not needed them before, why now?


How many of you have said or heard something similar to the below statements?

-          I work long and hard so my children will not have to when they get older.

-          I want my children to get a great education so they do not have to struggle or work their lives away.

As the use of robotics becomes more utilized in various industries, the need for people to maintain these robots will rise. Robots will be used to handle the manual labor that people do not want their children doing for the rest of their lives thus creating roles for those children to fill that will be less stressful, physically, and pay more because of their knowledge in being able to maintain the robot’s ability to operate.


A few more statements that may sound familiar:

-          That fast food restaurant has become automated, those people have had their jobs replaced by machines.

-          That warehouse has gone to an automated setup, those people have had their jobs replaced by machines.

-          That security company is replacing its guards and officers with security robots, what will they do for work?

-          The police are implementing humanoid police offers, what about the human police officers.

-          The military is using more and more robotic soldiers in the field, what about the men and women serving?

In those scenarios listed, they all have something in common, the need for people that can maintain the operations of the robots has been increased. It also means that the safety of the individuals working in those areas, along with the safety of those being served, has been increased.

Is that really a bad thing?

The use of robotic technologies in various industries will increase. That is inevitable.

The solution, is to educate ourselves, and our children while they are young, to be prepared for those future changes and needs.

STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) is what we need to focus on pushing in schools. Programs that focus on these areas will prepare our children for some of these roles for when they graduate high school. And it will prepare them for further education in college in the areas they choose to focus on.


While we at Holt Technology Corp work on implementing better robotics education in our schools, if you are interested in being able to educate yourselves and your children at home in the area of robotics, feel free to contact us. We will help you to save money and come up with a plan that works for you and your time/money restraints so that you can learn and build robots to prepare for a future with robots, while preparing your children for the future possibility of careers in robotics.