IBM Maintenance and Warranty

Is your IBM contract about to expire?


Our techs have extensive experience with IBM servers, storage, and networking hardware. We can help your company maintain and extend the life of your IBM hardware.

On average, we can help companies with IBM hardware save between 50% - 70% on their OEM warranty costs while maintaining the same level of service expertise. We offer competitive prices, flexible service level agreements, and a large network of certified technicians and engineers, ensuring that legendary service is always delivered.

Supported IBM Hardware

     IBM Server Hardware      IBM Storage Hardware      IBM Networking Hardware
  • IBM Power Systems
  • IBM pSeries/System p
  • IBM iSeries/System i
  • IBM zSeries Mainframe Processors/System z
  • IBM xSeries/System x
  • IBM Netfinity
  • IBM BladeCenter
  • IBM Total Storage Disk Systems
  • IBM Ultrium
  • IBM MagStar
  • IBM Optical Library Data Server
  • IBM RAMAC Virtual Disk Array
  • IBM DS Series
  • IBM EXP Series
  • IBM N Series
  • IBM Switches
  • IBM Routers
  • IBM Directors


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